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Cosmo Films adds its tenth BOPP line

Cosmo Films, a manufacturer of bi-axially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films has announced the start of its tenth 10.4m BOPP line in Gujarat. With the installation of this new line, the company will increase its annual capacity by 40%, taking it to 1.96 lakh MT. The company’s current annual capacity stands at 1.36 lakh MT.


Pankaj Poddar, CEO, Cosmo Films, said, “I am happy that the line was installed ahead of its schedule and well within the projected capex of Rs 200 crore. The high-speed line, equipped with automated changeovers and automatic consumption of waste, will not only lead to an increase in power savings but also help the company with its overall operational efficiencies. The new line is expected to contribute to substantial growth in sales and profit in the financial year 2017-2018.”

The new line, whose announcement was made in October 2015, has been commissioned ahead of its schedule and has been installed at the company’s existing facility at Karjan near Vadodara, which already houses BOPP lines, extrusion coating, chemical coating lines and a metaliser.

“The commissioned line is the most advanced line available in the market today in terms of its width and output and is the first 10.4m line to be installed in the country. The line is equipped to deliver both superior quality products with minimised scratches, oil or additive spots, high surface energy as well as consistent quality due to automatic changeovers. The line is also capable of producing films as thick as 80 microns to cater to segments like textiles which require thicker films,” said Poddar.

The line output would cater to both domestic and export markets. The new line is part of a series of expansions which have been announced in the last one year by the company for both its India operations and its subsidiaries in the US and Korea.

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Perfect Flexitech buys 3rd intaGlios from Monotech Systems

Kanpur based perfect Flexitech buys 3rd intaGlios Gravure Cylinder Engraver from Monotech Systems at Printpack India. The deal took place on the second day of the expo. Company had recently launched the engraver under its own brand “intaGlios”. Perfect Flexitech is a giant in the business of pre-press process and cylinder making in UP and other areas.

The intaGlios electronic engraver is designed to deliver the performance in gravure cylinder making. The new generation engraver is a high technology, easy to operate and versatile that offer users the highest standards of quality and productivity. This machine is uniquely designed and maintenance free engraving system is preferred to cover a broad range of application like packaging, trademark etc.

Mr. Amit Mittal of Perfect Flexitech says, “The intaGlios from Monotech Systems is very robust and delivers high quality cylinder engraving. We already have two intaGlios and our production is high. Because of great quality and speed we are able to address and tap more market. It has resulted us in increased orders and hence we need to have further machines to fulfill the demands. This is our third engraver from Monotech systems. It’s a long association of ours with Monotech Systems, their name, products and services are already proven in the market.”


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Cosmo Films to Offer Ultra High Barrier Films

Cosmo Films, a leading manufacturer of specialty BOPP films, has introduced several additions to its range of barrier films and now has a significant portfolio of transparent as well as metallised varieties. These solvent-free coated films, used for a wide range of FMCG packaging applications not only help extend the shelf life of the contents inside, but also help pack structure rationalization.

The company has introduced the following:

High moisture barrier films (HMB): These are metalised barrier films that are corona-treated on both sides and can be used for duplex as well as for sandwich lamination in snack foods, shampoo sachets, dry milk powder and powdered drinks sachets/packs, where loss of moisture is a concern.

High speed barrier films with high hot tack (HSB): These metalised moisture and oxygen barrier films have a high hot tack and low SIT which enables FFS machines to run at a higher speed, thus helping improve productivity.

High seal strength barrier films (HSS): These metalised moisture and oxygen barrier films have been specially designed for packaging applications requiring high seal strengths.

Ultra high barrier films (UHB): These metalised moisture and oxygen barrier films can be used to substitute aluminum foil since they offer a MVTR and OTR less than 0.1 cc.

Cosmo Films has introduced the following in transparent barrier films:

Aroma barrier films (AB): These are transparent barrier films typically used for coffee/tea, spices, chewing gum and perfume boxes overwrapping.

Aroma and oxygen barrier films (AOB): These transparent films have both excellent moisture and gas barrier properties and are used for packaging of cream biscuits, chocolates, chips and snacks with some dose of fatty content.

Ultra high barrier films (UHB): These transparent films have excellent moisture, aroma and gas barrier properties with OTR less than 1 cc and are used to convert three layer laminates to two layers for packaging of aromatic and fat content rich products like dry fruits, nuts, spices, etc. These films also offer mineral oil resistance.

S Satish, global head, sales and marketing, Cosmo Films, said, “We are excited by these new additions to our barrier films range, especially the BOPP replacement to the aluminum foil. We are now confident of meeting most shelf life requirements of the food packaging industry with our extensive range of barrier films. All our barrier films also have good printability and hence can be used for monolayer applications also. With our extended range of speciality films and our customised innovation focus, we are confident of meeting the new emerging packaging challenges such as shelf life extension and reduced plastic consumption.”

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Uflex unveils Asepto, Aseptic Liquid Packaging Brand


Uflex, Flexible Packaging and Solution Company has recently unveiled ‘ASEPTOTM’ its Aseptic Liquid Packaging Brand. Uflex’s Aseptic Liquid Packaging manufacturing plant that will be commercially operational by April 2017 perfectly echoes Government of India’s Make In India ethos.

According to Ashwani Sharma, President and CEO, new business initiatives, Uflex, Aseptic packaging market in India is majorly classified into three segments – juices, dairy products and liquor. The packaging of flavored milk, other dairy items and liquor in aseptic packaging material will play a key role in propelling the growth of aseptic packaging in the coming years both in India and overseas.

“Our total manufacturing capacity of seven billion packs per annum will cater to 90% of the domestic market demand. In APAC, the market growth is around seven per cent and in India, the growth has been in double digits for the last three to four years,” Sharma said.

Presently India’s aseptic liquid packaging market is growing at 17-18% per annum and the market is expected to double up in the next five years to approximately 20 billion packs per annum. “Drawing parallels, China boasts of a tremendous growth story which has already reached approximately 80 billion packs. In India, with a similar population, the growth potential is humungous,” Sharma added.

Asepto is derived from the word aseptic which means sterile. Aseptic packaging ensures that food remains free from bacteria and other harmful microorganisms for a period of at least eight months under room temperature.

RK Jain, Group President (Corp. F&A), Uflex, said, “The aseptic packaging manufacturing plant is coming up on 21 acres of the 72-acre land parcel that Uflex has bought at Sanand, Gujarat. Remaining land may cater to any future expansion of Uflex’s existing business as well as for aseptic packaging manufacturing as the need be.”

Jain said the site is designed to be a zero discharge plant. Solar panels and passive architecture-envelop insulation have been used to preserve natural light beside conserving power energy.

The investment towards the aseptic packaging plant is Rs 580 crore (approximately USD 85 million) and once operational, it will employ around 250 people. “Our total investment over the next two-three years is Rs 1,500 crore in a phased manner. This already includes Rs 580 crore towards setting up the aseptic packaging manufacturing plant. The balance will be utilized for modernisation of manufacturing systems and processes and R&D towards yet better flexible packaging solutions using the most contemporary technology. From the current top line of USD one billion, we are very positive of doubling up in the next three-four years,” Jain added.

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PrintFair Gears Up for its 2017 Edition

PrintFair is all geared up for its succeeding edition happening along with PackPlus South and SupplyPlus South from 7 to 10 April, 2017 at BIEC, Bengaluru.

PrintFair’s earlier edition that happened at HITEX, Hyderabad was a great triumph. It was visited by numerous industry veterans and closed some remarkable deals and also generated a lot of opportunities for its participants.

This year as well, the Show is set to mark new record of sales and provide next level of opportunities for its exhibiting companies. Some of the leading players to count on are R K Label Printing Machinery (P) Ltd., Inssta 3D Print (P) Ltd., Flexography India Press, Bhogle Engineering Works, Essen Graphics, Mehta Cad Cam Systems (P) Ltd., Abhikruti Digi Soft, Mohansons India, Bodhi Professional Solutions (P) Ltd, APL Machinery (P) Ltd, Eureka Trading, and Hewlett – Packard India Sales Private Limited.

The Show will be a promising platform for the latest technology and provide solutions for various printing segments like UV Interducts, LED UV systems, UV Coating & Curing Systems, Dry Lamination machines, Printing Materials, Software Solutions, Paper Cutting Machine & Finishing Equipment, Pre Press, RIP Workflow Proofing Packaging Solutions, Laser engraving machine, Used Offset Printing Machines, Sysnthetic Paper, Thermal Lamination Machine, Stickers & Label Printing Machinery, Stamping, Die Cutting Machines, 3D Products, 3D visiting Cards, 3D Image Change Products, 3D software Training, Photopolymer Plates, Flexo Solvent Recycling.

“The print industry in Karnataka is huge and very advanced when it comes to technology. PrintFair will provide a lot of scope for the potential visitors to scale and explore new developments. The show is all set to mark a new milestone.” said Neetu Arora, Director of (P) Ltd, organizer of the Show.


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Uflex transforms tortilla chips’ packaging for Whole Foods

India’s flexible packaging firm Uflex has developed a new pouch for Whole Foods Market’s tortilla chips.

The pouch has three layers – 12.5 micron coated polyester, 18 micron BOPP treated on both sides and 35 micron polyethylene. The packaging structure is that of a 3D flat bottom pouch.

The pouch is reverse printed and the same machine has the facility of carrying out registered top coating either in matte or gloss thereby rendering a transparent window. To impart a paper like organic look, a special registered matte coating was applied on the glossy polyester film. A concealed press-to-close (PTC) pocket zipper has been provided on the front panel of the 3D pouch for reclosing with a perforated strip for easy opening. The new packaging offers shelf life of tortilla chips increased to 90 days.

Five panels provide room for 360 degree branding.

Talking about the new packaging for Whole Foods Market, Anup Sachdeva, Joint President, Packaging, Global Exports at Uflex said: ‘Earlier in December, especially for the Christmas Season, we dispatched one million new pouches to the co-packer by air. The new pouches are now on the retail shelves and I understand from the client that the response has been terrific. The matte finished paper-like pouch perfectly lives up to the image and ethos of the organic food packed inside.

‘More importantly the inks that we have used in the converting process are toluene and MEK-free, further emboldening the brand image in the organic space. Consumers are quite appreciating the PTC zipper on the front panel for the great convenience that it brings.

‘We are getting more enquiries from tortilla and other snacks brands in the US that are still using conventional paper packaging. We are very hopeful of more business transactions fructifying in the near future.’

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Print Square Installs Lombardi Synchroline 330 & VINSAK LSR 330



VINSAK has recently installed Lombardi Synchroline UV Flexo Press with VINSAK LSR- Slitter and Rewinder at Print Square, Libaspur, Delhi.

S K Aggarwal, Director at Print Square, said that Print Square, which catered to major clients from the pharma segment, was looking to enter the label printing business and provide more solution to its clients. “We wanted to include a flexoPress at our factory. So, we decided to go for Lombardi Synchroline 330 based on positive reviews from the market.”

The Synchroline 330 is an eight-colour UV flexo press. The machine is equipped with a pre-registered system, a Corona treatment unit; a Lombardi patented Air Blade System (ABS), and servo motors on each of the printing as well as die-cutting units of the press.

The Synchroline with Vinsak LSR 330 will act as a complete flexo solution for both label printing and finishing, said Agarwal. “The Synchroline will be used for label printing with lamination and gold foiling; Vinsak LSR 330 will be used for slitting and rewinding of printed labels while the EyeC 100% Inspection system will give added advantage to detect faulty labels.”

Massimo Lombardi, Director of Italian label press manufacturer Lombardi Converting Machinery credited Vinsak for the success of installing the third Lombardi Synchroline in India with a span of 18 months. He added “Synchroline 330 is our next-generation full servo UV flexo press and it is getting popular because of precision and ease of use.”

Neeraj Sharma, executive director at Vinsak, said, “It’s a good investment for Print Square considering Synchrolineflexo press with LSR to enter into flexography market. Print Square will definitely reap fruits from this investment as the huge flexo market is there to be captured in India.”

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Uflex Launches Direct UV Offset-Printable PET film

UV offset printing on non-absorptive surfaces is getting popular by the days. It gives an ultimate packaging solution for Board Lamination and Decorative Printing. The challenge in this segment, however, remains the availability of right kind of substrate where direct printing can be done without any primer/ treatment.

This is because liquids do not wet surfaces with free energies lower than their surface tension. On the contrary, an extremely high surface free energy as compared to the surface tension of the ink will also result in poor wetting and adhesion. Therefore according to printing industry experts, for best wetting and ink adhesion on to non-absorptive surfaces the ‘dyne level’ or the surface free energy of the substrate should be about 10 dynes above the surface tension of the ink.

Unfortunately many polymeric substrates have the too low surface energy required for good printing and ink adhesion and therefore the substrate has to be remedially modified in order to make it printable.

This modification is usually done with an adjustable corona treatment or by applying a suitable primer coating. Corona treatment is fast and relatively inexpensive, but surface dyne levels are susceptible to loss or decay during prolonged storage and upon contact with some fountain solutions. Precautions must be taken to obtain a uniform dyne level that is not too high. Corona treatments can at times also dramatically increase troublesome static charges in the material treated. Therefore to avoid this, primer coatings that adhere to both the substrate and to the subsequently applied inks are used. This, as one could well imagine, is an elaborate and time-consuming process that has been posing further challenges for the convertors.

With this problem statement at hand, India’s largest multinational flexible packaging materials and Solution Company Uflex Limited has engineered a specialty polyester film F-UVC film which is suitable for direct UV offset printing without requiring any primer/ treatment. The film is available in both bare transparent and metallized variants, where the un-metallized side is used for UV offset printing and UV curing. The metallized polyester film i.e. FLEXMETPROTECTTM (F-UVC-M) is available in optical density ranging from 1.4 to 2.2. The wide range of optical densities gives choice to the customer to use the product for the diverse range of applications. The metal bond between the metal and the film is 130-180 gms/25mm.

There are several benefits of Direct UV Offset Printable PET Film:

  • It is suitable for direct surface printing without primer/ corona treatment;
  • The lead time is minimum at convertors’ end;
  • Yields excellent print results, high gloss and clarity with high quality resolution for pictures and half tone jobs with good scuffing resistance;
  • It is suitable for high speed machines and is versatile, tear proof and crack resistant;
  • It offers excellent smoothness, flatness and ink adhesion.

J.K. Sharma, AGM, Technical Service and New Product Development (Films), Uflex Limited highlighting the benefits of the Direct UV Offset Printable PET Film said, “Primer coating for rendering the films printable is a cumbersome and time consuming exercise at the Convertors’ end. The coating machine is a big capital investment in itself. Therefore with this new innovation by Uflex, the convertors can heave a sigh of relief. Not only does the film increase operational efficiencies of convertors but also restricts their capital expenditure.”

Pramod Sirsamkar, President – Technical & New Product Development (Films), Uflex Limited said, “This is a great product for UV curable offset printing giving excellent scuff resistance, adding value for both the customer and the end user. The demand for this film is very encouraging.”

Ashok Chaturvedi, Chairman and Managing Director, Uflex Limited expressing delight at the new launch said, “Our feedback loop in the global market is very strong. We are always in touch with our clients globally and are promptly responsive to their needs. Convertors had been facing difficulties with primer coating of the films as it takes a lot of time. This had been impeding their productivity. I am happy that the team at Uflex addressed the pain point of convertors by engineering the UV Offset Printable PET Film, which now permits surface printing without any treatment.”

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Stefan König to be Appointed President of Bosch Packaging Technology

Dr. Stefan König will become President of Bosch Packaging Technology on 1 January 2017. Dr. König holds a PhD in data mining and has been a member of the executive management since 2011. He oversees technology (comprising engineering, manufacturing, and quality), the confectionery and food, and liquid food business units, as well as assembly systems and special machinery. Dr. König will succeed Friedbert Klefenz, who is set to retire from Bosch Packaging Technology on 30 June 2017.  Klefenz will provide consulting to Bosch until his retirement.

Upon joining the Bosch Group in 1998,  Klefenz assumed leadership of the Pharma Liquid product group at Bosch Packaging Technology. He has been president of Bosch Packaging Technology since April 2002. “Friedbert Klefenz has played a key role for years in advancing Bosch Packaging Technology as a leading provider of packaging and process technology. He has also helped make the division more international. We want to thank  Klefenz for his years of commitment to the company. We also wish Dr. König great success in continuing his predecessor’s great work,” said Dr. Werner Struth, member of the board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH.

Dr. König, who has been associated with Bosch since 1997, has held various positions, including a stint in the Bosch Mobility Solutions business sector. In 2009, Dr. König transferred to the Bosch Packaging Technology division, where he initially oversaw the Assembly Systems and Special Machinery business unit.

Uwe Harbauer will join the executive management of Bosch Packaging Technology as in charge of sales on 1 January 2017. A mechanical engineer, Harbauer has worked for Bosch Packaging Technology at various sites in Germany and Switzerland since 2000. He will retain his current position as management spokesman for Bosch Packaging Technology’s pharma business unit.

Meanwhile, Klaus Albeck will continue to be the member of the executive management responsible for finance and administration as well as IT coordination.

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Manjushree Technopack acquires Varahi

Manjushree Technopack Limited, a Bengaluru-based plastic manufacturer has acquired Delhi-based rival to get access to a base in Northeast and making it the largest supplier of rigid plastic packaging products in the country.

The acquisition will get it access to 100 new customers including Dabur, Patanjali and SC Johnson and expand its revenue to over Rs 800 crore, the firm said in a statement. Manjushree did not disclose the cost of the acquisition.
With this, Manjushree — whose clients include Coca- Cola, Nestle, PepsiCo and GSK — who is also the maker of Horlicks will have eight units taking its total production capacity of 4 billion units per annum by January.
The 45-year firm builds packaging solutions for FMCG, beverages and pharmaceuticals companies. Its manufacturing units are located in Noida, Baddi and Pantnagar with a combined production capacity of 20,000 metric tonnes.
“This is a significant milestone for Manjushree as it marks our first strategic investment towards industry consolidation. We were impressed by their manufacturing capabilities. With this acquisition, Manjushree gets a solid foothold in North India and cross-selling products of between Manjushree and Varahi’s customers will give us a huge positive growth. Our aim is to become a 360-degree rigid packaging solutions provider for brands across India and this gives us an impetus to serve our existing and new clients with world-class packaging solutions,” said, Vimal Kedia, Managing Director, Manjushree Technopack Ltd.
Manjushree expects to boost its sales by gaining access to registered designs and patents filed by Varahi. The Bangalore-based company currently owns over 100 registered designs and patents, which will allow it to produce containers from 5ml to 20 litres, in over 1,000 different shapes, sizes and designs.