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IPAMA elections for Governing Council completed

Bringing an end to the contentious last few months at IPAMA, the results of the Governing Council were announced on the 10 October. Facilitated by postal ballots, the election saw a very enthusiastic participation by the members in the voting. The team that was elected to  serve the term of 2016- 2018 is as below:

Sl. Name Company Location
1 Mr.  Vinay Kumar Gupta AEC Machinery Co. Pvt. Ltd., Amritsar
2 Mr.  Jatinder Kumar Julka Alliance Printech Pvt. Ltd., Faridabad 
3 Mr.  Ashok Kumar Seth Amritsar Engineering Works, Amritsar
4 Mr.  C.N. Ashok Autoprint Machinery Mfrs. (P) Ltd., Coimbatore
5 Mr.  Dharmesh Arora Fair Deal Engineers, Faridabad 
6 Mr.  S. Dayaker Reddy Gutenberg Machinery Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad 
7 Mr.  Nizam Ahmed Hm Web House Pvt. Ltd., Faridabad  
8 Mr.  R. Suresh Kumar Imtech Marketing Services, Thiruvananthapuram
9 Mr. P.K. Bhalla Manugraph India Ltd., New Delhi
10 Mr.  Balkrishan Khindria Memory Repro Systems Co. Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi 
11 Mr.  Harish Bansal Naph Graphics Pvt. Ltd., Noida
12 Mr.  Nitin Garg NBG Printographics Machinery Co. Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi 
13 Mr.  Jaiveer Singh Rotta Print India Pvt. Ltd., Faridabad 
14 Mr.  Dharmpal Rawat S.K. Steel & Forgings Co., Faridabad  
15 Mr.  H.V. Sheth Sheth Printograph Pvt. Ltd., Noida
16 Mr.  Alhad Gandre Stallion Innovative Machines, Mumbai 
17 Mr.  Iqbal Singh Sond Associates (Engg.) Pvt. Ltd, Amritsar  
18 Mr.  Satish Kaushik Web Masters, Faridabad  

The Governing Council is expected to meet before the end of the week and elect the office bearers from among itself. The industry is keenly waiting for the new team to take over and get working on the organisation of the next edition of Print Pack, the country’s largest printing exhibition that is due to be held at Greater Noida in February 2017.

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Zircon Technology Installs Third Omet Label Press

Zircon Technologies installed new Omet at one of the two plants in Dehradun. The company also has a plant in Chennai. Besides, the Omet presses, Zircon plants are equipped with five Mark Andy narrow web flexo printing presses in operations, a screen printing setup, plus Rotoflex inspection, slitting and rewind systems as part of its post-press fleet. The company has also ordered a Mark Andy P7, a 17-inch press which can print a twelve colour job.

The 370mm width Omet X4 comes with two screen printing stations, one hot foil, cold foil, embossing and two die-cutting stations. It is fitted with an automatic register control system that registers in both machine and cross direction eliminating operator interference to register the press and can run at a speed of up to 200 metres.

Sanjeev Sondhi, Director – Operations of Zircon  said, “It’s Zircon’s belief that a company should have the capacity and capability to deliver quality products before attempting to add more customers. The new Omet not only strengthens that belief of ours but the features in the new machine also ensures that we get a faster return on investment.”

Zircon employs a workforce of 275 persons and operates out of a shopfloor area measuring 1-lakh sq/ft. Another 50,000 sq/ft additional shopfloor area is under construction. Zircon has in the last nine years of existence invested in an average of more than one press each year.

Harveer Sahni, Managing Director of Weldon Celloplast, the Indian representative for Italy-based Omet, said, “Zircon’s recent expansion with the third press is a proof of Omet’s quality and our service being delivered to him. We look forward to more such installations with him.”

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Open up to the unexpected with the Absolut Facet limited edition bottle made by Ardagh


Ardagh Group has continued its productive and highly creative relationship with Absolut with the launch of its latest limited edition bottle, Absolut Facet.

Ardagh designers and technologists, working closely with their customer, have achieved outstanding innovation in glass packaging by developing a new colour and shape to create this unique blue bottle featuring an asymmetric design.

Gaia Gilardini, Global Communications Director, Absolut, explains the origin and inspiration for the bottle’s design: “With the Absolut Facet limited edition bottle, we want to celebrate the unexpected and encourage people be open to the different journeys a night could take you. We believe the best nights are the ones that happen out of the blue — unplanned and spontaneous. To further demonstrate this, our latest #AbsolutNights campaign also aims to inspire people to celebrate spontaneity and the connections you make along the way.”

The round edges of the Facet bottle have been cut into like a gem, creating a number of faces that catch the light in unique ways. Achieving this unique effect and recreating the precise colour was one of several challenges that Ardagh met before producing the two and a half million bottles at its plant in Limmared, Sweden, as Fredrik Källqvist, from Ardagh describes:

“We have been closely involved in several ground breaking Absolut projects such as Unique with four million differently designed bottles, but each new project encourages us to raise the bar even higher and Facet is no exception. Bringing such a complex design into volume production required painstaking and very detailed preparation, as did replicating the colour to the highest degree of consistency across the complex design and to the required wall thickness.

“Creating such packaging innovation is only possible when you have the total support of your customer, and as with all our joint projects, our successful working relationship with the Absolut team assured that it was a smooth process.”

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Zander Unleashes Zanpack Range of Boards


Zander, a German specialty paper producer is ex­pand­ing its port­fo­lio by Zanpack, a new range of boards with a spe­cial sur­face and ex­tremely pure white­ness, which will bring out the full in­ten­sity and bril­liance of print­ing inks.

The decades-long ex­pe­ri­ence in per­fect­ing high-per­for­mance coat­ing tech­nolo­gies has been in­cor­po­rated into the de­vel­op­ment of the new board grades. The print re­sults are bet­ter than good – they are in­spir­ing. Zanpack builds on the tra­di­tion of in­no­va­tion that pro­duced Chromolux.

The range in­cludes three grades: Zanpack silk, Zanpack silk² and Zanpack touch.

Zanpack silk is dou­ble-coated on one side, with an ex­cep­tion­ally smooth sur­face and matt silk touch. It also has a spe­cial lick coat­ing on the re­verse, which gives su­pe­rior print re­sults com­pared to stan­dard un­coated re­verse sides. The high white­ness of Zanpack silk makes it ideal for pack­ag­ing phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals, as well as food and bev­er­ages, to­bacco prod­ucts and non-food items. It also per­fect for graph­ics ap­pli­ca­tions. Zanpack silk comes in gram­mages from 180-380 g/​m².

Zanpack silk² is two-side dou­ble-coated grade, pro­duc­ing iden­ti­cal print re­sults on both top and re­verse sides. With a lux­u­ri­ous matt silk feel, it sets the tone for pre­mium items. It is avail­able in gram­mages from 240-330 g/​m².

In con­trast, Zanpack touch has an un­coated sur­face giv­ing a grainier, more nat­ural touch. It is es­pe­cially suit­able for brands that em­pha­sise or­ganic and nat­ural prop­er­ties or an in­di­vid­ual and hand-crafted feel. It comes in weights of 240-340 g/​m².

The Zanpack range is made in Ger­many to the high­est man­u­fac­tur­ing stan­dards, and uses only FSC® cer­ti­fied and sus­tain­able pulp.

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Konica Minolta Introduces Pro 1100, Production Printer

Konica Minolta, a well-known digital printing brand recently introduced its new Printing Press, the bizhub PRO 1100.


Konica Minolta which has recently made a distinctive position in the Production Printing Market in India claims that the new bizhub PRO 1100 will outperform in all business environments.

The bizhub PRO 1100 series offer a monochrome digital printing press making it ideal for central in-house printing departments and also for external print-for-pay services and high volume statements and bills printing. According to the company, the new printing press device has increased productivity and is reliable in various situations from professional use to centralised reprographics departments.

Mentioning the high-productivity, the bizhub PRO 1100 can print 100 pages per minute with high print quality of up to 1,200 dots per inch (dpi). Further, it can easily handle 150,000 to 3,00,000 prints at a time and can reach up to 2.2 million black and white prints per month putting it up there with top tier range of similar printing press devices with aggressive price. Apart from the black and white print, the bizhub PRO 1100 also comes with simultaneous double-sided colour scanning technology which is capable of scanning up to 180 originals per minute.

The company further claims that the bizhub PRO 1100 is the first printing device from Konica Minolta to support the bizhub Open Platform (OP), a technology that offers new user-friendly open developer platform that contains an Open API communication system which allows application developers to create applications that communicate with the bizhib PRO 1100. The platform also allows third-party applications for accounting, authentication or scan-routing applications.

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Kamal Chopra at the helm of the new team at AIFMP


A new team that will govern AIFMP for the next one year was elected last weekend at the 233rd GC Meeting at Bengaluru hosted by the Karnataka State Printers ‘Association.
Prof. Kamal Chopra, the Vice President (North) in the outgoing body was elected the President after an intense campaign that had for the first time seen an extensive use of Whatsapp messages by rival groups. Anand Limaye was elected the Honorary General Secretary, a position that he had previously held in 2014-15. The new team is as follows:

Kamal Chopra – President
Anand Limaye – Honorary General Secretary
Parkash Babu – Treasurer
Arun Gupta – Vice President (North)
Rajinder Jain – Vice President (West)
Surjit Kumar Sanyal – Vice President (East)
C D Kumarvel – Vice President (South)
GK Kalairajan – Joint Secretary

Thanking the GC members on his election, Kamal Chopra said, “It has been my dream to see AIFMP at par with the best association in the world and to get government recognition for the printing industry. During my tenure that will be the constant focus of the federation.”

The new team will officially take over from the 1 October and remain in place till the 30 September 2017.

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Uflex Unveils ESL Aseptic Flexi-Pouch Machine for Packaging Milk

Uflex Limited, the flexible packaging materials and solution company, has launched ESL aseptic flexi-pouch machine for packaging milk that can extend the shelf life of the product upto 90 days. Uflex claims to be the only company in India to manufacture this kind of sophisticated machines.

ESL-Aseptic-Flexi-Pouch-MachineMilk is a perishable product and extremely susceptible to infestation by bacteria and other micro-organisms. Milk brands sold in pouches across India have for long been fretting about the restricted shelf life; time elapsed during the supply and distribution; optimum pasteurization; necessity of cold chain to be integrated within the overall supply chain and so on so forth.

To alleviate all these problems in one go, Uflex has manufactured and launched ESL Aseptic Flexi-Pouch Machine for packaging milk. Milk sterilised and packed in this machine can be kept in normal ambient conditions at the point of sale for as long as 90 days.

This machine packs milk in a pouch that is formed of a five to seven layer extruded/blown polyethylene film with strong barrier properties including a black layer for U.V. protection. As a fully integrated packaging solution provider, Uflex offers the especially extruded/blown film too.

The machine has an inbuilt automatic CIP and SIP system and can pack milk in SKUs ranging from 70ml to 1500ml volumetrically. The filling speed for these variants ranges between 5000 to 2500 packs per head per hour. On a specially programmed B&R and Siemens PLC fitted to this machine, altering the desired volumes to be filled can be actuated at the press of a button spelling utmost convenience for the milk companies.

The machine has been manufactured with a special Isolation Valve (Sterile Interlock) that does not allow the milk to flow from the UHT to the filling machine in case sterilisation of milk in UHT is incomplete or does not conform to the set specifications. This spares unnecessary invocation of intermediate CIP and SIP of the filling machine avoiding wastage of time. Gravity Filling System with Precise Tank Level Regulation has been provided in this machine.

Gravity filling system with precise tank level regulation has been provided in this machine. ESL flexi-pouch machine can be customised with single, two or three head filling arrangement as per the requirement of the client. This versatile machine is also capable of simultaneously packaging differential volumes on various heads.

Ajay Tandon, President and CEO, Engineering Business, Uflex Limited said, “It was a challenge to design and manufacture a machine for extending shelf life of a product as perishable as milk. After meticulous R&D of about 18 months, the Engineering Business at Uflex has designed and brought out this machine which has been put under commercial run and validation at one of the largest milk packers in India. We are the only company in India to manufacture this machine which easily competes in quality with any European machine of this kind. The end-to-end system comprising extruded/blown multi-layered specialty film and the ESL Aseptic Flexi-Pouch Machine offers an optimised packaging solution for milk in flexible pouches. This machine can also be customised for packaging other beverages too.”

Ashok Chaturvedi, Chairman and Managing Director, Uflex, said, “ Roughly 145-150 million tons of milk is produced by India every year, out of which several million tons get spoiled owing to inefficient packaging. In such a scenario, an overall system to extend the shelf life of milk without disturbing the retail coordinates and further to be able to ensure availability even in the remotest of the areas without having to spend towards cold chain is a real shot in the arm for milk brands and retailers. This will go a long way in reducing spoilage and wastage of milk. Uflex’s ESL Aseptic Flexi-Pouch Machine is a promising product manufactured in our great country and I dedicate it to Government’s flagship scheme of ‘Make in India’ that my organisation supports and contributes to wholeheartedly.”

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HP to Acquire Samsung Print for US$.05 Billion

HP Inc has locked its eyes on Samsung’s printer business after it agreed to purchase the division for US$1.05 billion.

The deal may see HP enter the cutsheet A3 production print market in commercial print currently dominated by Konica Minolta, Canon, Fuji Xerox and Ricoh.

The acquisition remains subject to regulatory approval, and is expected to close within a year. According to reports, as part of the deal Samsung has also agreed buy between US$100m and $300m in HP shares through open-market purchases.

Shortly after inking the deal, HP revealed a suite of 16 multifunction printers believed to target the market for larger A3 printers from printing giants such as Konica Minolta, Canon, Fuji Xerox and Ricoh.

HP has previously attempted to break into A3 printing; a market the supplier estimates at some US$55bn annually. The new A3 laser printers rely on Samsung’s print engine technology.

“The acquisition of Samsung’s printer business allows us to deliver print innovation and create entirely new business opportunities with far better efficiency, security, and economics for customers,” says HP CEO Dion Weisler.

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Fujifilm Launches Vybrant 1800 Inkjet Printer

Fujifilm India Private Limited launched its first ever ’Made in India’ Eco Solvent Printer – Fujifilm Inkjet Technology – Vybrant 1800 at its state-of-the-art Demo Centre for Wide Format Inkjet Printers in Mumbai. Fujifilm Inkjet Technology – Vybrant 1800, the Wide format Eco Solvent Printer is driven by patent FujiFilm technology and has been specifically designed to provide High Quality with affordable costs, a more value for money proposition which Indian Customers always wanted. With this launch, the new Vybrant 1800 joins Fujifilm’s Graphic Arts family at its Mumbai Demo Centre.

The unique Made in India, Made for India printer has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of the Indian market. This highly productive wide format printer provides unparalleled cost per print and excellent productivity with up to 20m2 per hour. The printer is equipped with highly efficient Fujifilm Dimatix Q-class Industrial Quality print head and runs on Peizo DOD technology.

Mr. Yasunobu Nishiyama, Managing Director, Fujifilm India Pvt. Ltd. Said, “The launch of Vybrant 1800 is Fujifilm’s first step towards developing our products in India. With this launch, we aim to strengthen our presence in the Indian Graphic Arts segment. The Graphics Arts business is one of the most important drivers for Fujifilm’s growth in the Indian market. The company is looking at achieving a 15% overall growth by the end of FY 2016. With our world-class printing technology, we are focused on delivering high quality, technically advanced print solutions that help printers develop competitive advantage and grow their businesses.”

The Vybrant 1800 printer targets Indoor and outdoor signage and branding applications market.

Aligning his company’s future growth to the current scenario, Mr. Nishiyama further added, “The push given by the Government’s Make in India initiative gives us great scope for our business. Since the market outlook looks positive, we want to utilize this opportunity to our best and so we offer our new Fujifilm Inkjet Technology – Vybrant 1800, manufactured in Pune, India.”

The FujiFilm Vybrant 1800 printers have been exclusively developed & manufactured by Macart Equipment Private Limited, the leading manufacturers of inkjet printers in the country, with their manufacturing units in Pune, India.

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PackPlus Is A Part Of The Global Packaging Network

ALL4PACK Paris launches “THE NETWORK”, a worldwide grouping of 11 partner trade shows in the Packaging and Intralogistics industry across 7 countries.

With the packaging industry alone boasting 300 trade shows around the world, ALL4PACK Paris, organised by the COMEXPOSIUM Group, announces the launch of “THE NETWORK”, an international network federating several packaging shows, granting their community access to the market information of its members.

Through this initiative, ALL4PACK Paris, the international benchmark trade show for the EMEA region in the packaging and intralogistics markets, intends to create a high-quality network, facilitate relationships and encourage the sharing of experience among major international events.

Véronique Sestrières, director of ALL4PACK Paris and of the Manufacturing & Transport division of COMEXPOSIUM Group, comments: “We are proud to be behind this initiative which has met with an enthusiastic response from our partners. In the space of a few months, THE NETWORK has already brought together 11 shows in 7 countries and more exhibitions are due to follow! The creation of this packaging-process-printing-handling network underlines the desire of the COMEXPOSIUM Group to contribute added value to its events in terms of content for participants, and to federate the packaging community in its international dimension.”

Valued at USD 839 billion in 2015, the worldwide packaging market could account for USD 998 billion in 2020 with compound average growth of 5% per year, rising to USD 1,100 billion by 20242. With a growing world population, demand has never been so high and the industry is more than ever correlated to countries’ economic development, in particular that of emerging markets, which see packaging as an opportunity to gain a position or emerge on the world industrial marke

With buyers present all around the world and specificities and requirements varying by individual market, international trade shows are showcases for trends and needs on a local level and represent an extremely valuable source of information for trade professionals and manufacturers. To capitalise on this data and promote the internationalisation of the sector, ALL4PACK Paris has decided to bring together several of these events to encourage the sharing of information and experiences.

THE NETWORK was started up in April 2016 and to date has already attracted 11 partner trade shows, representing 7 countries and 7 markets!