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Malayala Manorama invests in Manugraph’s Smartline Press

Malayala Manorama confirms to invest for 13 towers of the Smartline 4×1 double width press from Manugraph for multiple centres across Kerala.

“Malayala Manorama currently have five Smartline installations at their centres in South India and signing another 13 towers was a momentous occasion for both companies,” said Sanjay Shah, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Manugraph.

According to Manugraph, ‘The Smartline is India’s only 4×1 double width press manufactured locally and is gaining popularity because of its various advantages like cost effectiveness, immense saving on foreign exchange, no expense on duty or shipping and easily available spare parts.’

“The five Smartline machines installed, have an exceedingly good production capacity and are running effectively since its installation four years ago. It is always a proud moment for us, when long-standing customers like Malayala Manorama repose their trust in our products. We are extremely pleased with this signing and look forward to many more Indian newspapers following their footsteps and invest in the Smartline,” concluded Shah.


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Subam Printers Installs Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 74

Tiruvannamalai-based Subam Printers expanded its most-coveted portfolio with a brand new Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 74, as part of its revenue acceleration strategy. “Quality excellence is an unspoken commitment to the customer. We continue to rely on Heidelberg to help us deliver this promise,” smiles Mr. Palani, Managing Director, the driving force behind the 25-year old print firm.

From a modest beginning as a screen-printing startup in 1991, Subam Printers has grown to a 12,000 square feet print facility today, owing to the relentless efforts of this first-generation printer. His relationship with Heidelberg dates back to 2011, when Subam installed a Speedmaster 74, four-colour offset press at its Guindy subsidiary in Chennai.

A major portion of Subam’s business consists of commercial printing jobs from regular clients. The print shop is equipped with a state-of-the-art designing division and a complete array of prepress and postpress equipment’s. The latest Speedmaster SM 74 installation is a perfect fit into the print shop’s quality- and performance-conscious modus operandi, which is to “avoid delays and defects, while practicing zero tolerance to negligence.”Palani states emphatically, “With our new ‘Speedmaster SM 74’ there would be no delays or defects, thanks to automation components like ‘Autoplate’ to facilitate fast and efficient plate changes. This in turn, reduces make-ready and setup times phenomenally compared to other presses. With a Production speed of up to 15,000 sheets per hour, the press is exactly what we need for our commercial printing setup.”

The Prinect Easy Control colour measuring system of the Speedmaster SM 74’ helps in bringing down paper waste levels, while a speed-compensated Alcolor dampening system produces brilliant print results. A highly-automated feeder with central suction tape helps the Speedmaster SM 74 handle a wide array of printing substrates, from thin paper to board, ranging in thickness from 0.03 mm (0.0012 inches) to 0.6 mm (0.024 inches).

“The latest generation print buyers are sticklers for quality output, as well as timely and reliable delivery. The SM 74 will help drive better user experience for our growing client base. It is our key to explore a broader addressable market,” Palani says.

The installation is also a reflection of the inroads Heidelberg is making into Tier-2 cities. Rajendra Prasad, Manager – Marketing & Communications, comments, “The Indian print industry has the next wave of growth from Tier-2 cities. We are glad that our continued emphasis on Tier-2 markets is starting to pay off. The Subam installation shows that we have moved from market creation into the adoption phase. While we focus on innovation in core technologies, Heidelberg will continue to keep the customer at the center of everything we do.”

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HP Completes 300+ Indigo Presses Installation

Major HP Indigo customer deals closed at drupa have been completed, with new presses now in full production, reinforcing HP’s robust manufacturing capabilities to deliver proven technology on schedule to meet the quality specifications of the most demanding production environments. Of note, customers across the globe, including ShutterflyCimpressMonAlbumPhotoPureprintPrecision PrintingRotolito LombardaTruyol and Pageworks, are now taking full advantage of the quality and productivity breakthroughs enabled by the flagship HP Indigo 12000 Digital Press to address holiday peak season demand. 

“As an HP customer for more than 10 years with the highest confidence in HP Indigo technology, we replaced our half-size traditional offset press with the B2-format HP Indigo 12000 Digital Press,” said Dan Goris, President, Pageworks. ”Since the installation in July, we’ve more than doubled the number of jobs we produce per shift and anticipate our productivity to increase even further, enabled by automated color management and the on-press Optimizer, which prioritizes our job queue for non-stop printing.”

HP Indigo 7900 and 5900 Digital Press customers, including Millet the Printer and Duggal Visual Solutions, respectively, are capitalizing on the presses’ step-function enhancements in quality, productivity and application versatility. These benefits enable customers to gain competitive advantage and wow end customers with faster turnaround times and impeccable, one-of-a-kind general commercial printing applications.

“For more than 80 years, staying on the cutting edge of printing technology has been critical to how Millet the Printer anticipates our customers’ needs and adapts to changing markets,”said Dan Millet, Vice President, Millet the Printer. ”The HP Indigo 7900 Digital Press has performed flawlessly since its July installation, and its speed, print quality and substrate versatility have allowed us to pursue new application opportunities on substrates that were previously unavailable to us. We are very impressed with HP Indigo’s superior support and commitment to innovating for and with us.” 

HP Indigo customers are also leveraging PrintOS to simplify and automate print production management across their existing fleets and with the new HP Indigo 12000, 7900 and 5900 Digital Presses.

HP Financial Services can help customers accelerate growth and productivity through a flexible investment strategy. This enables customers to acquire new HP digital print technology on terms that work for their business.

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Semi-Automatic Label Print-and-Apply System for Bottles

weberWeber Packaging Solutions has created the Model 141-P, a semi-automatic label applicator for applying pressure-sensitive labels to cylindrical products; combined with Epson’s C7500 color ink jet printer, it allows a customer to print razor sharp high-resolution labels and apply them to products via a loose-loop configuration.

Users only print the number of labels needed, making this ideal for small batch custom labeling for craft beer breweries, wineries, spirit distillers and other manufacturers that have round straight-walled products.

Once set up, the user simply inserts the round container into the 141-P and initiates the labeling via a manual or foot-operated switch. As the products spins, the label is wrapped around it providing uniform, consistent and accurate labeling.

Features include:

  • Segmented rollers for labeling products with protruding edges
  • Short batch set-up times
  • Multiple label dispensing per product allowing front and back labeling
  • Labels up to 30 products/min.
  • Low cost desktop labeling solution
  • Labels products up to 6.1 in. (155 mm) in diameter.
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Tetra Pak Unveils New Water-Free Lubrication Kit For Packaging Line Conveyor Belts

Swiss packaging group Tetra Pak has introduced a new dry lubrication solution for packaging line conveyor belts and distribution equipment.

Part of the company’s technical services portfolio, the solution helps to reduce water and electricity consumption, as well as the manpower and time required for machine maintenance.

Using the new Tetra Pak Dry Lubrication kit, producers can also save an average of 35,000l of water per filling line annually.

The fully automated system ensures precision and safety to staff working on the operation floor.

Tetra Pak parts, consumables and upgrades director Klara Svedberg said: “We are pleased to offer a much more efficient lubrication solution to our customers, helping them to improve operational performance and reduce costs.

“With an estimated 50% reduction in running costs compared to wet lubrication, the benefits of switching to dry lubrication systems speak for themselves.”

The Tetra Pak Dry Lubrication kit that features the application systems, lubricant and installation guide requires very small quantities of oil to operate and completely eliminates the use of water.

Tetra Pak noted that a drop of food grade oil roughly the size of 80mm³ is directly added to the conveyor belt to reduce its friction with the package.

Earlier this month, the company unveiled a new version of Tetra Pak PlantMaster that would help manufacturers to programme their entire plant through a single data management system.

The upgraded version features the Tetra Pak PlantMaster manufacturing execution systems (MES) suite, which is a new software programme specifically designed for the food and beverage industry.

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KBA Launches Rapida – The Longest Large Format Press


Press supplier Koenig & Bauer Group (KBA) has revealed it is in the final stages of development for its record-setting 43 metres long KBA Rapida 145 57-inch press, a machine it says is the longest large format press in the market.

The press is slated for installation at Italian packaging giant IPI, delivered directly from the shop floor in KBA’s German factory.

According to KBA, the 138ft press is engineered with 14 printing and finishing units with the capacity to produce a maximum output of 15,000 sheets per hour. The machine sits on a raised foundation, and is equipped with both UV and conventional drying.

A number of automation features also furnish the Rapida press, including simultaneous plate changing, pile handling logistics, EasyClean, simultaneous roller washer and UV, PSO Match and Quality Pass.

KBA says the Rapida 145 series is primarily targeted towards the packaging printing market, specifically food and a focus on fast-food packaging. The press is configured with a printing unit and coater specifically for fast-food packaging printing.

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Uflex launches Profile Pouch for Liquids with Sonically Sealed Spout

Ghee or clarified butter is an unmistakably important condiment of South Asian cuisine. Conventionally ghee has been marketed in poly- pouched pillow packs, cartons or tin cans. These types of packaging are functionally not very user-friendly and are thus losing out on both pace and steam in the modern retail arena. Poly pouches are surface printed and pose a chronic problem of ink smearing during handling in the supply chain. The strength and barrier properties of the poly pouch structure itself are poor let alone the machinability of the laminate/ pouch on the filling lines. End users often find it difficult to retrieve the product packed in poly- pouched pillow packs, cartons and tins.

To alleviate all these problems, Uflex Limited has recently launched ‘Profile Pouch for Liquids with Sonically Sealed Spout’ in India and offered it to Paras Dairy for packing its ghee (clarified butter). The laminate of the pouch engineered at Uflex’s packaging plant at Noida is a three ply structure comprising Isotropic PET/ Isotropic PET/ Co-ex Nylon Polyethylene (PE). Two transparent Isotropic polyester layers provide excellent mechanicals to the laminate that are required to withstand harsh supply chain conditions. Co-ex Nylon PE is considered to be one of the finest sealant layers imparting superior mechanical strength to the laminate in terms of elongation and impact resistance besides also preventing pin-holes and cracks in the final laminate structure. The Profile Pouch for Liquids with Sonically Sealed Spout conforms with the ASTM International Standards for Measuring the Damage Resistance of a Fibre- Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composite to a Drop-Weight Impact Event.

The three ply structure has been especially engineered to optimize the OTR and WVTR for extending the shelf life of the product packed. O 2 is known to spoil the taste of ghee (clarified butter) therefore it is absolutely important to bar oxygen from entering the pouch. Since water is immiscible with ghee, a high barrier against water vapour is not really required for this type of product.

The designed OTR for the ghee pouch is less than 60 cm 3 /m 2 /day under 0%R.H at 23 degrees Celsius; while the WVTR is less than 5 gm/m 2 /day under 90%R.H. at 37.8 degrees Celsius. The conventional poly-pouched pillow packs do not provide adequate barrier from oxygen thereby making the packed ghee (clarified butter) vulnerable to drastic taste change.

The major differentiator in this pack lies in its dispensing mechanism. Conventionally, spouts are heat seal welded to the pouches often resulting in leakage and polymer degeneration, but in this case at Uflex, sound waves at a very high frequency aregenerated and passed between the spout surface and the laminate. These high frequency waves vibrate the molecules of both PE layer of the laminate and that of the spout surface enabling a strong leak-proof seal.

The laminate is reverse printed in high definition (HD) using the rotogravure technology eliminating any possibility of ink smearing / bleeding as encountered in the surface printed poly pouched pillow packs. This renders a high finish to the spout pouch with visually stimulating and outstanding aesthetics. A specially designed bottom gusset has been provisioned for allowing the pouch to stand up on the retail shelf tremendously enhancing its visibility in an already inundated supermarket.

To impart infallible brand protection, a 3D holographic stamp (unique to Uflex) is sandwiched between the two transparent Isotropic polyester layers making the pack counterfeit-proof and assuring the end users of a product that upholds utmost standards of quality. The sandwiched holographic stamp is not susceptible to any rupture by scratching or rough handling in the supply chain. It is next to impossible to body-double or reproduce the 3D hologram created by Uflex owing to the technology involved.

Keeping in mind the pouch integrity and functional ease for the end users, Uflex has fitted a Tamper Locked Spout to the pack. The cap is inter-locked with the shoulder of the spout and this lock is broken when the cap is opened for the first time, ensuring an absolutely tamper-proof pouch. The spout has been internally designed to ensure that the entire product is easily accessed by gently squeezing the pouch. This profile pouch has hourglass contours that further facilitate a firm and handy grip for easy handling and pouring the packed product.

Expressing delight upon successfully launching the Profile Pouch for Liquids with Sonically Sealed Spout, Mr. Ashok Chaturvedi, Chairman and Managing Director, Uflex Limited said, “I am so pleased to offer this unique packaging solution to Paras in its Golden Jubilee year, making it all the more special. Our motto of innovation to create value added differentiation is perfectly exemplified with this offering which is quite superior and unique in terms of enhanced aesthetics; unparalleled functionality; high barrier properties and impeccable anti-counterfeiting features.”

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AIFMP celebrates India Day at All in Print, China

The 6th edition of All in Print China was held at Shanghai from 18 to 22 October, 2016. The theme of AIP revolved around “Discover the Future of Printing” that scrupulously showcased the advancements in printing technologies in recent years.

 All in Print 1

All India Federation of Master Printers (AIFMP) celebrated India Day on the morning of 20 October. The ceremony was attended by more than 100 Indian Printers and His Excellency, Shri Prakash Gupta, Consulate General of India at Shanghai was the Chief Guest. Welcoming the delegates Mr. Alex Bartkus, Messe Dusseldorf, Germany said, “I am delighted to know that the Indian Printing and Packaging industry is growing at a rapid speed and with 250,000 printing companies India is the leading nation in this trade. “

His Excellency Shri Prakash Gupta, Consulate General of India at Shanghai appreciated the gesture of AIFMP to celebrate India Day. He said he conveyed this thought to many Indian associations but AIFMP has taken the lead and I am so happy to be here with the Indian entrepreneurs. He invited international companies to start manufacturing the machines and equipment in India and assured complete support and cooperation at the level of Consulate General of India. His Excellency said with the vision of our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi now India is fast emerging as the factory of world and there are ample opportunities. He invited Chinese manufacturers to visit India and assured the simplified visa processing for such visitors.

Mr. Anand Limaye, Hon General Secretary of AIFMP remarked that the huge printing and packaging industry in India has generated a plethora of opportunities for employment in a variety of fields. The
INR 500 billion industry provides employment to 400 thousand people directly and 1500 thousand people indirectly. In its quest to provide a platform that voices the concerns of the Indian Printing Industry, AIFMP supports, participates and organises a number of regional, national and international events. These programmes lobby for the interests of the Indian printers and showcase the industry’s achievements. Holding technical seminars to educate printers about current global trends and technologies is also one of its important functions.

Prof. Kamal Chopra

Prof. Kamal Chopra, President of AIFMP said, “All India Federation of Master Printers (AIFMP) is inviting the companies for ‘Print in India’ to get their printing and packaging work executed from India and at the same time AIFMP is inviting the companies to manufacture their printing and allied machines in India. The purpose of celebrating India Day is to disseminate the caliber and potential of the Indian Printing industry. We are here as a world entity to celebrate the power of print and to recognize just how far it has come. Print has spanned a millennium. “He presented the facts and figures of the Indian print industry, claiming it to reach INR 374 billion by the end of 2018.

He concluded his speech with the wording of former Indian President, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam “India is a country which has over the years learnt to evolve and maintain a unique unity amongst diversity. It has become an inspirational model and an example to emulate for every region in the world. India supports a social form of economic development and encourages a model of growth with equity. We are conscious of the need for growth to respect the environment and make it sustainable for future generations. With this valuable experience of centuries behind India, we can bring a doctrine of global cooperation built over the foundation of regional collaborations and core competencies of people and society of many nations”. Prof. Chopra added, It is therefore today’s India Day will pave a way for the unity of minds of printers not only of both the countries, but the entire printing community world over.

AIFMP also promoted their flagship event Pamex 2017 that will be held at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai from 18 to 21 December, 2017. The AIFMP stall received great response and saw an enthusiastic wave among the visitors for the upcoming Show. Mr. Anil Arora, President of (P) Ltd, the event organizer for Pamex said, “There is a rapid growth in the industry, the Indian printers are forthcoming and adopting the latest technologies and trends. There were a lot of queries not only from the Indian but also the printers across the globe wishing to participate in the show. We are anticipating the show to cater all the printing needs and solutions and to be a boundless platform for all the small and large printers to explore opportunities and expand their business.”

For any further information, please feel free to write to

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Canon Unveils its Latest ImagePress Series

canonCanon recently unveiled its ImagePress series, introducing of three new presses aimed at small-to-medium printers eyeing digital sheet fed machines.

According to Canon, the three ImagePress printers which include the C850, C750 and C650 models are engineered the meet the requirements of small-to-medium commercial, franchise, in-plant, transactional and quick printers.

The devices operate at print speeds of up to 65, 75 and 85 pages per minute, and are equipped with a 32-beam red laser to produce what Canon says are crisp images at 2400 x 2400 dpi. ImagePress models also use CV Toner and an advanced image transfer belt which is designed to deliver consistent output on a range on media, including textured stocks.

The ImagePress C850 model also supports a number of in-line finishing options including stacking, folding, saddle-stitching, stapling, perfect binding and ring-binding.

All three presses also support auto-duplex printing of up to 762mm long sheets, proving valuable in the short-run production of 6-panel brochures, posters and dust jackets.

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Konica Minolta enters the label printing market with bizhub PRESS C71cf

kmKonica Minolta Business Solutions India recently announced that the company will be leveraging its world-class printing technology by introducing a new digital solution for the label and packaging industry. The bizhub PRESS C71cf will benefit businesses as they transition from conventional printing to digital technology. This digital press is the first of many new products that supports Konica Minolta’s strategy in the label and packaging industry market.

As the market for digitally printed packaging and labels continues to expand rapidly, driven by factors such as customization and regionalized products, Konica Minolta leverages its reliable dry-toner technology platform. As one of the market leaders in the print space, Konica Minolta is defining what true disruptive technology is by providing a way to make digital better than it has ever been done before. Konica Minolta positioning the C71cf as a mid-range option that fills the gap between entry-level and high-end systems.

“bizhub PRESS C71cf stands apart with its surprising ease of use, coming as a perfect printing machine for the short run requirements of labels to complement their offset process. We are excited to introduce new, economical and productive Digital Press for the Label Industry. With its flexibility and efficiency, bizhub PRESS c71cf delivers a new level of value to the industry” adds Yoshinori Koide, EGM – PP & IP Marketing, Konica Minolta India.