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2443 Unique Visitors Mark Their Presence @ PackPlus South – Day 2!!

FotorCreated PPS day 2PackPlus South along with PrintFair and SupplyPlus South 2017 gathered a footfall of 2443 visitors on second day. Leading industry players and important decision makers marked their presence.

The show features 200+ Exhibitors, 50+ Product Launches, 100+ Live Demos and several other attractions.

Two more day to go. Do not miss the opportunity to meet leading players from packaging, processing and supply chain industry.

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PackPlus South 2017 Begins Today @ Bengaluru – 1547 Visitors Mark Their Presence

Untitled collagePackPlus South along with PrintFair and SupplyPlus South 2017 gathered a footfall of 1547 visitors on first day and expecting many more in coming days. The show features 200+ Exhibitors, 50+ Product Launches, 100+ Live Demos and several other attractions.
Three more day to go. Do not miss the opportunity to meet leading players from packaging, processing and supply chain industry.

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Inkjet Solutions introduces Thermal Transfer Overpinting and Large Character DOD Printers

Inkjet Solutions introduces Thermal Transfer Overpinting and Large Character DOD Printers. It also provides services and maintenance solutions in addition to supply of consumables /spares for all equipments.

Thermal Transfer Overprinting (TTO)

High quality print— robust and durable


Thermal Transfer Overprinting (TTO) is another high resolution technology printing and coding solution used for marking flexible packaging and labels. The process involves the use of the printer with a ribbon bearing the thermal transfer ink. It is recommended for printing of expiry date, bar codes, logos and other information on food, pharmaceutical and healthcare products that typically employ flexible packs, semi-rigid plastic packs and conformal packaging. The looks are superior to other methods and this makes TTO better than hot stamping and roller coding. It can print on all flat surfaces. TTO features high resolution allowing for printing of small character size with inclusion of barcodes and 2D codes with high legibility.

Key features of Thermal Transfer Overprinting (TTO) systems:
  • 7″ Onwards Touch screen print controller for easy operation
  • Graphics editor for simple message creation and editing
  • Zero periodic maintenance, giving very low total cost per code
  • Free text placement and graphic editing charactertools
  • Up to 450mm/second to match most line speeds at 300dpi
  • Real time and date formats, automatic offset, counters, custom date and time formats, production shift and remote field population from database
  • Barcodes, 2D codes and Logo
  • Quick and simple mess free changeover of ribbon with minimum downtime
  • Wide range of ribbon to meet the most demanding process
  • LAN and USB interface for remote control and back-up

Large Character DOD Printers

When it is a requirement to print large sized characters on large packaging the preferred method is large character Drop on Demand (DOD) printing system. The printer incorporates a user configurable screen to input variables such as manufacturing/expiry date, batch number and codes. One can input shift code in the packaging printing operation. DOD printers can be installed on an existing conveyorized packaging system for ease of use.

Drop on Demand technology (DOD) is designed for both packaging applications and industrial marking solutions. Provides two different controllers depending on your application and have a variety of nozzle arrangements. They offer three base ink types; MEK for fast dry non-porous Food grade applications, Alcohol for food Grade applications, and Water for porous applications.

Our DOD printers can provide solutions for coding on a multitude absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces including:

Paper, Cardboard, Metal, Glass, Wood, Plastic, Rubber.

Key features of Inkjet DOD Large Character are:

Excellent print quality – high quality coding output delivered via proven solenoid technology; great print results on porous and non- porous.

  • Low cost – extremely cost effective printing .
  • Ease of use – Simple, robust design makes them easy to operate & maintain
  • Flexibility – easy to configure up to 16 printheads to meet virtually any industrial printing need
  • Durability – each DOD inkjet printer features a strong, stainless steel external casing which provides excellent protection from humidity, dust and high temperatures found in industrial environments
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PackPlus South’17 Goes Extra Mile to Make South India’s Largest Extravagant

Untitled collageWeeks ahead of the Show, PackPlus South 2017 and Print Fair 2017, the promotions have begun. A hundred thousand personal invitations have been sent out and now, the organizers are going an extra mile to make the South India’s Largest Show more distinctive. The hoardings are being placed at strategic locations across the city and the signage will help the visitors to easily locate the venue. A Mobile truck also traverses key industrial pockets across the city ensuring the message to reach targeted customers. The orgarnisers have a lot more in pipeline to make the Show relevant and successful for its exhibiting companies as well as the visitors.

PackPlus South will happen along with SupplyPlus South and PrintFair at BIEC, Bengaluru from 7 to 10 April, 2017. The Show will feature 200+ exhibiting companies, do not miss the opportunity to witness latest innovations and developments from the industry.

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IJPN Technologies to Launch Laser Printers SL1

IJPN Technologies Pvt. Ltd. supplies industrial coding and marking equipment to print 1D codes, 2D codes, Batch No., Manufacturing Date, Expiry Date. Sequential No. etc. on cartons, blisters, pouches, labels and so on.

It established its own brand identity tactical move. The position was further strengthened by becoming India representative of world renowned Linx Printing Technologies. Tremendous performance earned IJPN the new distributer year award for 2011. It has not looked back and is on the path to strong growth with plans to introduce even more products in the near future.

Continuous Inkjet Printers (CIJ)


Continuous Inkjet Printers (CIJ) is perfect for printing on flat or curved surfaces. The continuous inkjet printers use dye based inks that will print on a variety of materials and will not smudge easily. Capable of high resolution, the printers can print even smallest fonts and resolve an astounding amount of detail in labels or marks that need to be clear and legible.

Inkjet Solutions offers a range of continuous inkjet printers such as high speed, medium duty and light duty. In addition, we also offer custom special purpose inkjet printers to print in very small areas using single color or multi-colored inks. Specialty printers can print. Specialty printers also have the capability to mark postal bar codes or other specific bar codes where required.

Laser Printers SL1

The SL1 is small, compact in size, and price too…but it is feature rich and powerful for it’s class. Classified as an entry level or economy coder, this lower cost laser will perform to many of our competitors standard 10 watt coder applications. With a stainless steel cover, Linx industrial accessories and the full featured Linx Draw software, this laser provides a complete system with savings and a competitive price.

laser sl1


  • Fast flexible coding – without the cost
  • Efficient, high power system design optimizes laser tube life, increasing reliability
  • Low operational costs with no consumables
  • Coding on a wide range of materials.

Superior code quality

  • High resolution characters in a range of font types ensure codes perfectly compliment packaging designs
  • Logos and 2D codes
  • Mix text, logos and machine-readable codes all in a single message
  • Discrete coding and permanent marking for effective anti-counterfeiting and traceability
  • Easy to use LinxDraw R software allows easy, secure message creation
  • Robust stainless steel body
  • Integrated key switch for secure operation and enhanced safety on the line
  • Ideal alternative for situations where ink-based coders are not suitable.



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Uflex Develops New Film for Blister Packaging Laminates

Noida-based flexible packaging giant Uflex has come up with a special polyester film as an alternative to the tradition BOPA and PVC substrates used in cold formed pharma packaging. According to the company, the special polyester film will eventually replace the top and bottom substrates of the conventional cold formed alu–alu laminate to a whole new structure comprising 36 micron special polyester; 50 micron soft aluminium foil and 36 micron special polyester.  Uflex engineers have utilized metaphase morphology to form the film in Z direction, which is a pre-requisite for blister packaging.

Dr Sudhir Naik, Senior General Manager, Corporate Technical Services, Films at Uflex, said “Getting better functionalities as compared to the Alu-Alu laminate structure comprising BOPA, aluminum, foil and PVC, this film will have significant and substantial benefits for the converters catering to pharmaceutical brands. BOPA (BON) is imported in to India from countries like China, Korea and Taiwan. Convertors are left with no option other than managing varied inventories of BON and PVC films separately. With the introduction of specialized polyester film that will now be laminated on both the sides of aluminum foil, the logistical hassles for convertors will surely go down. The dependency on import of BOPA will also go down as the converting industry gradually switches over to this film for cold forming the blister packs. This film therefore makes a strong case for import substitution in India.’

Speaking of the technical characteristics of the new polyester film, Pramod Sirsamkar, President of Technical and New Product Development in the Films division at Uflex, said: ‘The moisture absorption of this specialized polyester film is as low as 0.8 percent working out to almost 92 percent less than that of nylon, which is a big advantage. Aluminum foil offers negligibly low oxygen and water vapor transmission rates. Such high barrier may not really be required by the drug packed inside. We are, therefore, also working towards offering high barrier yet thinner specialty polyester films as an alternative to aluminum foil that may further lead to the reduction in overall weight of the ensuing laminate. The introduction of specialized polyester film in Alu-Alu blister packaging has also opened up avenues for us to come up with biodegradable and oxo-degradable variants further minimizing carbon footprints.”

Amitava Ray, Executive Director and Head of Packaging and Converting Business at Uflex, added “There is also a yield benefit in the case of the new laminate structure but with no compromise on functionalities whatsoever. This lightweighting of the laminate equates to lesser energy consumption at the three critical stages of the flexible packaging lifecycle, namely manufacturing, transportation and disposal. The reverse printing on the special substrate has further opened up the avenue for enhanced brand visibility. We also stand in good stead to offer specialized and technologically advanced anti-counterfeiting features for the new Alu-Alu laminate. We are ready with the product and are working with leading pharmaceutical companies for the commercial rollout.”

Ashok Chaturvedi, Chairman and Managing Director, Uflex, concluded, “This is innovation with value added differentiation at its purest that addresses the shortcomings of both BON and PVC films faced by convertors catering to the pharmaceutical companies. This film is a great product for the pharmaceutical packaging industry that will raise the bar for competition both in India and overseas thereby being a gamechanger. When the bar for competition is raised, the flexible packaging industry as a whole stands to benefit both in terms of quality as well as technology.”

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Cosmo Films adds its tenth BOPP line

Cosmo Films, a manufacturer of bi-axially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films has announced the start of its tenth 10.4m BOPP line in Gujarat. With the installation of this new line, the company will increase its annual capacity by 40%, taking it to 1.96 lakh MT. The company’s current annual capacity stands at 1.36 lakh MT.


Pankaj Poddar, CEO, Cosmo Films, said, “I am happy that the line was installed ahead of its schedule and well within the projected capex of Rs 200 crore. The high-speed line, equipped with automated changeovers and automatic consumption of waste, will not only lead to an increase in power savings but also help the company with its overall operational efficiencies. The new line is expected to contribute to substantial growth in sales and profit in the financial year 2017-2018.”

The new line, whose announcement was made in October 2015, has been commissioned ahead of its schedule and has been installed at the company’s existing facility at Karjan near Vadodara, which already houses BOPP lines, extrusion coating, chemical coating lines and a metaliser.

“The commissioned line is the most advanced line available in the market today in terms of its width and output and is the first 10.4m line to be installed in the country. The line is equipped to deliver both superior quality products with minimised scratches, oil or additive spots, high surface energy as well as consistent quality due to automatic changeovers. The line is also capable of producing films as thick as 80 microns to cater to segments like textiles which require thicker films,” said Poddar.

The line output would cater to both domestic and export markets. The new line is part of a series of expansions which have been announced in the last one year by the company for both its India operations and its subsidiaries in the US and Korea.

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Perfect Flexitech buys 3rd intaGlios from Monotech Systems

Kanpur based perfect Flexitech buys 3rd intaGlios Gravure Cylinder Engraver from Monotech Systems at Printpack India. The deal took place on the second day of the expo. Company had recently launched the engraver under its own brand “intaGlios”. Perfect Flexitech is a giant in the business of pre-press process and cylinder making in UP and other areas.

The intaGlios electronic engraver is designed to deliver the performance in gravure cylinder making. The new generation engraver is a high technology, easy to operate and versatile that offer users the highest standards of quality and productivity. This machine is uniquely designed and maintenance free engraving system is preferred to cover a broad range of application like packaging, trademark etc.

Mr. Amit Mittal of Perfect Flexitech says, “The intaGlios from Monotech Systems is very robust and delivers high quality cylinder engraving. We already have two intaGlios and our production is high. Because of great quality and speed we are able to address and tap more market. It has resulted us in increased orders and hence we need to have further machines to fulfill the demands. This is our third engraver from Monotech systems. It’s a long association of ours with Monotech Systems, their name, products and services are already proven in the market.”


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Cosmo Films to Offer Ultra High Barrier Films

Cosmo Films, a leading manufacturer of specialty BOPP films, has introduced several additions to its range of barrier films and now has a significant portfolio of transparent as well as metallised varieties. These solvent-free coated films, used for a wide range of FMCG packaging applications not only help extend the shelf life of the contents inside, but also help pack structure rationalization.

The company has introduced the following:

High moisture barrier films (HMB): These are metalised barrier films that are corona-treated on both sides and can be used for duplex as well as for sandwich lamination in snack foods, shampoo sachets, dry milk powder and powdered drinks sachets/packs, where loss of moisture is a concern.

High speed barrier films with high hot tack (HSB): These metalised moisture and oxygen barrier films have a high hot tack and low SIT which enables FFS machines to run at a higher speed, thus helping improve productivity.

High seal strength barrier films (HSS): These metalised moisture and oxygen barrier films have been specially designed for packaging applications requiring high seal strengths.

Ultra high barrier films (UHB): These metalised moisture and oxygen barrier films can be used to substitute aluminum foil since they offer a MVTR and OTR less than 0.1 cc.

Cosmo Films has introduced the following in transparent barrier films:

Aroma barrier films (AB): These are transparent barrier films typically used for coffee/tea, spices, chewing gum and perfume boxes overwrapping.

Aroma and oxygen barrier films (AOB): These transparent films have both excellent moisture and gas barrier properties and are used for packaging of cream biscuits, chocolates, chips and snacks with some dose of fatty content.

Ultra high barrier films (UHB): These transparent films have excellent moisture, aroma and gas barrier properties with OTR less than 1 cc and are used to convert three layer laminates to two layers for packaging of aromatic and fat content rich products like dry fruits, nuts, spices, etc. These films also offer mineral oil resistance.

S Satish, global head, sales and marketing, Cosmo Films, said, “We are excited by these new additions to our barrier films range, especially the BOPP replacement to the aluminum foil. We are now confident of meeting most shelf life requirements of the food packaging industry with our extensive range of barrier films. All our barrier films also have good printability and hence can be used for monolayer applications also. With our extended range of speciality films and our customised innovation focus, we are confident of meeting the new emerging packaging challenges such as shelf life extension and reduced plastic consumption.”

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Uflex unveils Asepto, Aseptic Liquid Packaging Brand


Uflex, Flexible Packaging and Solution Company has recently unveiled ‘ASEPTOTM’ its Aseptic Liquid Packaging Brand. Uflex’s Aseptic Liquid Packaging manufacturing plant that will be commercially operational by April 2017 perfectly echoes Government of India’s Make In India ethos.

According to Ashwani Sharma, President and CEO, new business initiatives, Uflex, Aseptic packaging market in India is majorly classified into three segments – juices, dairy products and liquor. The packaging of flavored milk, other dairy items and liquor in aseptic packaging material will play a key role in propelling the growth of aseptic packaging in the coming years both in India and overseas.

“Our total manufacturing capacity of seven billion packs per annum will cater to 90% of the domestic market demand. In APAC, the market growth is around seven per cent and in India, the growth has been in double digits for the last three to four years,” Sharma said.

Presently India’s aseptic liquid packaging market is growing at 17-18% per annum and the market is expected to double up in the next five years to approximately 20 billion packs per annum. “Drawing parallels, China boasts of a tremendous growth story which has already reached approximately 80 billion packs. In India, with a similar population, the growth potential is humungous,” Sharma added.

Asepto is derived from the word aseptic which means sterile. Aseptic packaging ensures that food remains free from bacteria and other harmful microorganisms for a period of at least eight months under room temperature.

RK Jain, Group President (Corp. F&A), Uflex, said, “The aseptic packaging manufacturing plant is coming up on 21 acres of the 72-acre land parcel that Uflex has bought at Sanand, Gujarat. Remaining land may cater to any future expansion of Uflex’s existing business as well as for aseptic packaging manufacturing as the need be.”

Jain said the site is designed to be a zero discharge plant. Solar panels and passive architecture-envelop insulation have been used to preserve natural light beside conserving power energy.

The investment towards the aseptic packaging plant is Rs 580 crore (approximately USD 85 million) and once operational, it will employ around 250 people. “Our total investment over the next two-three years is Rs 1,500 crore in a phased manner. This already includes Rs 580 crore towards setting up the aseptic packaging manufacturing plant. The balance will be utilized for modernisation of manufacturing systems and processes and R&D towards yet better flexible packaging solutions using the most contemporary technology. From the current top line of USD one billion, we are very positive of doubling up in the next three-four years,” Jain added.