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Cosmo films has introduced upgraded version of Synthetic Paper

Cosmo Films Ltd. one of the largest manufacturers of Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) films in the world, has revolutionised  the paper industry. The company has launched an upgraded version of synthetic paper which could replace paper in several applications. This paper is not sourced naturally and actually a BOPP film which appears and behave like paper. They read more »

Indian Packaging Industry Likely To Touch $44bn By 2016

The sales turnover of the Indian packaging industry is expected to reach $ 43.7 billion by 2016, revealed a recent analysis by Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP). “The total turnover of the packaging industry in India at present is $ 27.6 billion and expected to grow to around USD 43.7 billion by 2016, whereas the read more »